[omaha] Wednesday's meeting

Chad Homan choman at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 15:29:16 CET 2008

Last night I mentioned a fairly descent comparison of Google Docs vs Office
Live ,
well here is the digg link:


I have not read the article in it's entirety yet, but it looks promising and
might not
cover everything you are looking for in comparison.

Also, I mentioned an extension to import and export straight into google
docs via openoffice.
On my 2.3.1 OO, I went to "Tools/Entension Manager" and clicked on "get more
Side Note, that was very firefox'ish, I like.   Anyways, there appears to be
a wealth of extensions
available for OO (some which might break today when 2.4 is released).  Here
is the direct lik
to the OO 2 googledocs extension:


Anyways, I am gonna browse the extension list looking for goodies


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