[omaha] Upcoming News

Jeff Hinrichs - DM&T jeffh at dundeemt.com
Thu Apr 9 06:07:38 CEST 2009

The next meeting is coming up but before then there are a few events
that I wanted to let you know about.  I will be speaking at INFOTEC on
the 15th.  It will be part of a User Group Panel and the talks start
at 3:45.  I will be representing our Users Group.

If anyone has design or graphics skills, we have been invited to put
out flyers on the conference table.  So if you have an idea or design,
please step forward and let us know.  I'll get them printed up and
take them with to the conference.

Afterwards the entire Python Users Group has been invited to join
AITP, AIM  and INFOTEC participants to a no-host social 'After-Party'
at the Old Mattress Factory on Wed, Apr 15th from 5:00 to ?

So if you will be attending INFOTEC be sure to stop by, I could always
use the support.  And even if you are not going to be at the
conference, please stop by the 'After-Party'.

Also, consider this a call for someone to present on Django at the
next meeting.  There have been a number of requests for the topic.  So
don't be shy,  we need you!

More later...


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