[omaha] Meeting Wednesday, February 4th @ UNO

Jeff Hinrichs - DM&T jeffh at dundeemt.com
Tue Feb 3 04:49:15 CET 2009

Even with 2 possible meetings this month, the one on the 4th looks to
be our best yet.  While I am waiting to hear back from Fox and Hound,
Burch has reserved our normal room at UNO for Wednesday the 4th.

Would anyone like to see how to take a module and build an open source
project out of it?  I've found this great little module, ssh.py and
contacted the author.  They are happy to see it packaged up and
submitted to PyPI so I figured we could do a, "Teach me packaging"
session.  We'll start a project on google hosting, package the module
and submit it to PyPi.  It should be quite an event.   Steve Holden
did a similar thing at PyCon last year.  They called it "Teach me
Twisted" and it was a big hit. The theme was to take on a task and
work through it as a group.

We had a meeting and an impromptu talk on Beautiful soup turned out to
be in the same vein and was well received.

If someone else would like to present that would be great too!  I'm
just throwing out an idea.

Meeting time and location are on the website, www.omahapython.org

I'll keep everyone informed about F&H when I hear back from them.



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