[omaha] Call for Presentations for 3/16 meeting

Jeff Hinrichs - DM&T jeffh at dundeemt.com
Fri Mar 13 00:59:35 CET 2009

Well I've found us a meeting space for this month's meeting.  It looks
like it will be a good fit.  Quiet(no jukebox;)), good food, beverage,
electricity and wall space for the projector.  I've booked the meeting
room @ Lansky's on 50th and L. (http://www.lanskys.biz/locomaha.html)
The meeting time is later by 30 minutes (7:30pm) because there is a
birthday party booked until then.

There is open wifi -- I connected to it with my nettop and I'll bring
my evdo card and router just in case;") There will be a projector too.

So now we've got a place -- now we need some topics.

I'll offer up:
  pysftp - secure ftp module - http://code.google.com/p/pysftp/
http://pypi.python.org/pypi/pysftp/0.2.0  -- closing in on 100
downloads, woohoo!
  nose - testing utility - http://somethingaboutorange.com/mrl/projects/nose/
  yaml - a yaml reader for python.  http://pyyaml.org/

Who else feels like talking?  Don't be shy -- you will help make this
our best meeting ever!

I am starting to update the website now, so make sure and ping the
list with ideas.

Jeff Hinrichs

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