[omaha] Anyone up for spreading the gospel?

Matt Wynn matt.wynn at gmail.com
Sun Jun 26 17:58:55 CEST 2011

Been lurking for a couple weeks, wanted to run something by all ya'll.

I run a group called Hacks/Hackers. It's goal is to bring coders and
journalists together. I swear, that's not as crazy as it sounds. Both groups
have a sort of open-source ethos, where sharing (be it government
information or code) is better than keeping secrets. And especially on the
web side, I think there's a lot to be gained by putting folks from both pots
-- content creators and folks who know how to use it -- together.

At any rate, I have a grand plan of pulling off some sort of intro to Python
class. A university has donated a computer lab, and it sounds like there's
good interest -- not all from journalists. But after I laid the groundwork,
it hit me that I'm totally unqualified to teach anyone anything about
Python. I'm self-taught and work mostly with Django. I'm not even sure how
to define a tuple to people, much less some of the intricacies.

All of that is a stupidly roundabout way of getting to this: Would any of
you fine folk be interested in leading/helping lead/coaching/mentoring a
short (hour, maybe two) hands-on class for people who want to test this
stuff out? Reply on the list or shoot something to me at
matt.wynn at gmail.comif you want to get involved. I have some rough
ideas of what I think the
class should accomplish, but I'm not tied to anything.

Back to your regularly-scheduled programming. Thanks for letting me ramble


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