[omaha] Update

Steve Young steve at alrlighting.com
Mon Oct 31 17:54:41 CET 2011

1. Anyone show up for the last meeting?  I was out of town.

2. I have been reading a couple of programming books and wanted to share an
'ah hah!' quote or two from Code Complete:

"*Hurrying to solve a problem is one of the most time-ineffective things
you can do.*

If you’re both *building code and debugging it*, you have to *switch quickly
* between the *fluid, creative thinking that goes with design* and the *rigidly
critical thinking that goes with debugging. *

As you read your code, you have to battle the code’s familiarity and guard
against *seeing what you want to see*."

Now I know why my head hurts when trying to quickly fix an error in the

Happy Halloween.

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