[omaha] Django-nonrel?

Jay Hannah jay.hannah at iinteractive.com
Wed Mar 7 21:43:33 CET 2012


For a recent project we used Google Maps Premier + Google Geocoder to geocode a gajillion addresses and then the standard Google Maps APIs for visualizing those lat/longs. Google Fusion Tables adds lots of additional fanciness if you want it. (If you use those tools all of the heavy lifting is programming language agnostic.)

I'd be interested in hearing the details of what features of the geospatial tools you mentioned you exercised for your project.


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On Feb 27, 2012, at 12:01 AM, Shawn Hermans wrote:
> All,
> Since we were talking about subjects for upcoming meetings, has anyone had
> any experience using Django-nonrel? I currently started using Django-nonrel
> with MongoDB as a test run.  So far everything seems to be working well.  I
> had to make some modifications to my existing code to work with
> Django-nonrel, but overall it was rather painless.  However, I still have a
> number of unresolved questions.
> 1. Has anyone had any experience using Django-nonrel with App Engine
> instead of Mongo? Are there any major issues moving from one to another?
> 2. Has anyone tried Django-nonrel and run into any performance/scaling
> issues?
> 3. Lastly, has anyone had any luck with geospatial applications on either
> Mongo or App Engine? GeoDjango won't work as it requires C libraries and a
> geospatial database such as PostGIS.  Some initial searching shows that
> both Mongo and App Engine support geospatial, but not via Django-nonrel.
> Meaning any geospatial code I wrote wouldn't be portable.  If there isn't
> a good solution, then maybe that is an excuse to write one.
> Let me know if anyone has any guidance.

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