[Pandas-dev] [pydata] Sparse data structures in pandas: refactor - feedback welcome!

Pietro Battiston me at pietrobattiston.it
Fri Nov 16 17:48:27 EST 2018

Hi Joris,

thanks for the recap...

Il giorno ven, 16/11/2018 alle 21.07 +0100, Joris Van den Bossche ha
> [...]
> - Since a normal pandas Series and DataFrame can hold sparse data,
> there may be no need for the dedicated SparseSeries and
> SparseDataFrame subclasses. Therefore, we are planning to deprecate
> those subclasses, and the specific sparse functionality will be
> accessible on normal Series/DataFrame with the `sparse` accessor. 
>   However, this might have complications we didn't think about, so we
> need your feedback!

>From the last dev discussion I thought we had decided to not provide
(at least immediately) any actual replacement for SparseDataFrame class
(in the sense of supporting 2d sparse structures, i.e. skipping
columns). Unless I misunderstood, this is probably the change that
users (of sparse structures) should be most aware.

(On the other hand, it is true that in most cases transposing the
DataFrame will probably still allow for exactly the same data structure


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