[Patches] Py_BuildValue Unicode support

Brian Hooper brian@garage.co.jp
Thu, 20 Apr 2000 01:31:56 GMT

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Hi there -

There might be a nicer way to do this, but I wanted to be able to
use Py_BuildValue to produce Unicode objects, so I added a few
lines to modsupport to do this.  Each Unicode object requires
two arguments, the raw Py_UNICODE string and the length as an
integer.  I think since all Python Unicode strings are 0 terminated,
it might be nice to make this into "U#" and also allow a plain "U"
to mean a (double) null-terminated Unicode string as input; however,
I'll leave that up to you all to determine (I would personally like
to see this option).

Brian Hooper

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diff -c Python/modsupport.c Python.new/modsupport.c
*** Python/modsupport.c Mon Apr 17 13:24:25 2000
--- Python.new/modsupport.c     Wed Apr 19 17:21:52 2000
*** 295,301 ****
                case 'L':
                        return PyLong_FromLongLong((LONG_LONG)va_arg(*p_va, 
                case 'f':
                case 'd':
                        return PyFloat_FromDouble(
--- 295,306 ----
                case 'L':
                        return PyLong_FromLongLong((LONG_LONG)va_arg(*p_va, 
!               case 'U':
!               {
!                       Py_UNICODE *u = va_arg(*p_va, Py_UNICODE *);
!                       int ulen = va_arg(*p_va, int);
!                       return PyUnicode_FromUnicode(u, ulen);
!               }
                case 'f':
                case 'd':
                        return PyFloat_FromDouble(