[Patches] PyMem [1/8] - Memory API: Summary

Vladimir Marangozov Vladimir.Marangozov@inrialpes.fr
Sun, 30 Apr 2000 21:39:24 +0200 (CEST)

Second (and hopefully, final) round of patches relative to the malloc
cleanup and the renewed memory interfaces. It affects *lots* of files
in the distribution -- more than enough for May 1st ;-)

I hereby send a patch per directory to easy their review, except the
two key include files, mymalloc.h and objimpl.h which are to be saved
as is (better than a context diff for Include/* anyway).

Interface summary

Each memory interface exports both functions and macros. Functions
preserve binary compatibility of the code across different releases
while MACROS trade it for speed.

   Public API       Functions                      MACROS
   --------------   ----------------------------   --------------------

1) Core Memory Allocator (see mymalloc.h)

 - raw mem malloc   PyMem_Malloc/Realloc/Free      PyMem_MALLOC/REALLOC/FREE
 - type-oriented    PyMem_New/Resize/Del           PyMem_NEW/RESIZE/DEL

2) Core Object Memory Allocator & Facilities (see objimpl.h)

 - object malloc    PyObject_Malloc/Realloc/Free   PyObject_MALLOC/REALLOC/FREE
 - initialization   PyObject_Init/InitVar          PyObject_INIT/INIT_VAR
 - constr./destr.   PyObject_New/NewVar/Del        PyObject_NEW/NEW_VAR/DEL

All APIs operate on the Python heap(s). Objects that are subject to custom
allocation strategies (custom = non Python = std malloc, C++ new, 3rd party)
are out of bounds -- we can't do much about them from Python except providing
handy macros related to their structure. The extension-type developer is
responsible for their allocation/deallocation with the malloc of choice.
See the comments in objimpl.h

I tend to be slightly verbose :-) so if you think the comments in the source
can be shortened (or improved) for clarity, you're welcome..

Needless to say, once checked in, a complete overhaul of the Python memory
interfaces would be in place. I encourage you to take some time reviewing
your favorite files in the distribution and see how and why they have
changed. More specific comments follow for each part of the patch suite.

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