[Patches] [Patch #101162] a Python/C API testing framework (simple simple)

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Sat, 12 Aug 2000 13:46:51 -0700

Patch #101162 has been updated. 

Category: Build
Status: Open
Summary: a Python/C API testing framework (simple simple)


Date: 2000-Aug-11 13:37
By: tmick

Here is a proposed patch for a Python/C API testing framework. Simple simple.

Basic Overview:

- add a _test C extension module that exports test functions beginning with
  'test_'; NULL and a TestError exception indicates a test failure and
  Py_None indicate a test pass
- add a test_capi.py test module that calls each of the 'test_' exported
  functions in the '_test' module
- changes to the build system files for Win32 and Unix are includes to build
  _testmodule.c as a shared extension
- new files: Lib/test/test_capi.py, Lib/test/output/test_capi,
  Modules/_testmodule.c, and PCbuild/_test.dsp


Date: 2000-Aug-11 13:48
By: tmick

don't use C++ style comments

Date: 2000-Aug-12 13:46
By: tmick

You seemed to have some interest in this the couple of times it came up on python-dev. I wonder if you might want to review this. No rush, I don't expect this to go in anytime soon. Unless, of course, people just *have* to have it. <wink>


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