[Patches] [Patch #101120] add .get() to cgi.FieldStorage and cgi.FormContentDict

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Wed, 16 Aug 2000 00:28:24 -0700

Patch #101120 has been updated. 

Category: library
Status: Open
Summary: add .get() to cgi.FieldStorage and cgi.FormContentDict


Date: 2000-Aug-08 13:28
By: ping

This actually adds all of the auxiliary dictionary
methods to FormContentDict (e.g. copy, update) since
it makes FormContentDict derive from UserDict.

__version__ has been incremented to 2.3.

Date: 2000-Aug-15 14:38
By: tim_one

Ping, if you don't make this a full patch (i.e., including doc changes, and tests if at all possible) Soon, I have to Postpone it.  Also please it assign it to someone capable of reviewing it (not me -- don't know anything about cgi).

Date: 2000-Aug-15 23:36
By: tim_one

Assigned to Barry (sorry, Barry!) for sanity-checking.

Ping pointed out in email that the module in question already documents that it "acts like a dict", and all the patch does is make that true in more cases.

Looks benign to me, but I've never used the module, so it could stand a quick scan from someone who isn't a total idiot.  Jeremy is probably the most natural choice for looking at this, but he won't be useful to us again until just a few days before 2.0b1 is scheduled to ship.  Don't want to wait that long.

Date: 2000-Aug-15 23:41
By: tim_one

Reassigned to Moshe, cuz Ping said he volunteered.  Way to go, Moshe!  If this release ever goes it, you'll be the only reason it does <wink>.


Date: 2000-Aug-16 00:28
By: moshez

OK, I gave it a short run around and it looked quite
all right. I do have on qualm, Ping: it's a bit awkward
to use .get() like that, because you still have to check
whether to use .value or not.

Here's an example of what I mean
(I hope if I surround it with PRE tags it will be protected):

print cgi.FieldStorage().get("hello", 
             cgi.MiniFieldStorage("hello", "world)).value

Because otherwise .get() doesn't buy you much. However, 
other then that it's great -- accept that there still
aren't docos and test cases. (So I've kept this "Open")


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