[Patches] #100955: hooft -> tim_one [Open] eptags: regex->re, 4 char indent.

Ka-Ping Yee ping@server1.lfw.org
Tue, 25 Jul 2000 15:55:35 -0500


Status: Open
Submitted By: hooft
Category: None
Summary: eptags: regex->re, 4 char indent.
Assigned To: tim_one
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Date: 2000-Jul-22 01:34

2000-Jul-22 23:44 - moshez wrote:
    I'm not sure that this patch is worth it -- it seems backwards to analyse Python programs with re -- why not simply use the parser module if we really want this?

2000-Jul-22 01:35 - hooft wrote:
    This is another time waster. But now at least I know how a TAGS file is constructed, and I know that re is a lot slower than regex.

2000-Jul-25 13:36 - jhylton changed assigned_to (previously none)