[Patches] [Patch #101676] Detect conflicting Python DLL on module import under Windows

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Thu, 5 Oct 2000 03:57:12 -0700

Patch #101676 has been updated. 

Category: Windows
Status: Closed
Summary: Detect conflicting Python DLL on module import under Windows


Date: 2000-Sep-26 22:49
By: db3l

This patch is an attempt to provide similar functionality to an earlier proposed patch (101651) but addressing Mark's concern about a process having two DLLs loaded explicitly.  This patch parses the actual module import table after the module has been loaded into memory to determine which Python DLL (identified by a "python" prefix followed by just numbers) is loaded specifically by the module as opposed to just being in the process space, and compares that to the current Python version, complaining (and identifying the referenced DLL in the error) if there is a mismatch.


Date: 2000-Sep-28 12:16
By: fdrake

Assigned to Mark Hammond since Tim's on vacation.

Date: 2000-Oct-05 03:57
By: mhammond

The code looks good, and tests perfectly for me with 1.5 and 1.6 extensions.

Applied as revision 2.7 of Python/dynload_win.c - thanks!

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