[Patches] [Patch #101264] Attribute Doc-Strings

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Wed, 18 Oct 2000 07:44:16 -0700

Patch #101264 has been updated. 

Category: core (C code)
Status: Open
Summary: Attribute Doc-Strings


Date: 2000-Aug-23 02:22
By: lemburg

This patch implements the proposed addition of doc-strings
for e.g. class attribute, module attributes, etc.

See the upcoming PEP for details (the PEP was already submitted to the
PEP editor for review).

Here's a shot excerpt:

    class C:
	    " class C doc-string "

	    a = 1
	    " attribute C.a doc-string (1)"

	    b = 2
	    " attribute C.b doc-string (2)"

results in following new class attributes to be created:

    C.__doc__a__ == " attribute C.a doc-string (1)"
    C.__doc__b__ == " attribute C.b doc-string (2)"


Date: 2000-Aug-23 08:21
By: tim_one

Postponed due to 2.0 feature freeze and assigned to the release manager for re-opening.

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