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Patches item #639635, was opened at 2002-11-17 07:14
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Category: Windows
Group: None
>Status: Closed
>Resolution: Rejected
Priority: 5
Submitted By: Tim Allen (thristian)
>Assigned to: Tim Peters (tim_one)
Summary: New icon for .py files

Initial Comment:
With my shiny new Python-on-Win32-related job, I
download and install a shiny new copy of Python 2.2.2
on my shiny new copy of Windows XP. Lo and behold, the
default icon for .py files is exactly the same file
that came with the version of Python that I installed
years ago on Windows 3.1 - what's more, it only has a
32x32, 4-bit image, which means that it looks ugly at,
say, 16x16 - a very common size in Win95 and above.

Attached is my attempt at a new, more Windows-y icon
for .py files. It contains images at 16x16, 32x32 and
48x48 (Windows' "Use large icons" option), at 1-bit,
4-bit and 8-bit depths, so it should look reasonable on
a decent number of displays.

If this icon meets with approval, I could be pursuaded
to draw other icons for the core Python executable, and
.pyc and .pyo files.


>Comment By: Tim Peters (tim_one)
Date: 2002-11-18 13:04

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Hmm.  On my Win98SE box, under Explorer this looks like 
a sheet of paper with what's maybe a gold key resting on 
it.  I thought it was some kind of error icon indicating that 
the file was corrupt.  Switching to "Large Icons" revealed 
your intent, but in the "Small Icons", "List", and "Detail" (my 
default) viewing modes, the tail and eyes of the snake just 
aren't there, leaving the "gold key" impression.

In contrast, the current icons look fine in all viewing modes.

I don't think it's a good idea to change icons anyway -- I 
*like* the smiling green snake, and would miss it.  So, 
sorry, but I'm rejecting this particular icon and don't 
encourage more.


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