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Category: Library (Lib)
Group: Python 2.3
Status: Open
Resolution: None
Priority: 5
Submitted By: Kevin J. Butler (kevinbutler)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: Improve pdb breakpoint feedback

Initial Comment:
pdb was inconsistent in reporting changes to

breakpoints, reporting 'Deleted breakpoint #' in one

case, and not reporting the deletion in another.

This patch makes pdb consistently report

"Deleted/disabled/enabled breakpoint # at PATH:#"

for deleting, enabling, or disabling a breakpoint.

This makes it easier to integrate with IDEs such as

emacs gud mode (see discussion on python-dev startig




Potential items for concern:

- I completely replaced the Bdb.get_break method.  It

was returning a boolean indicating if the breakpoint

existed or not, which appeared to be an error

(get_breaks returned the list of breakpoints).  The

method was never used in bdb.py or pdb.py, so I

replaced it with what I thought it should be.  :-) 

That is, it now returns the breakpoint instance

requested.  If there is a reason, I can easily make

this a new method

(get_breakpoint/get_breakpointinstance) rather than

replacing get_break.

- I've duplicated logic from Bdb.clear_bpbynumber into

a new method get_bpbynumber.  The logic differs only in

the return error messages or None.  This seemed the

simplest way to preserve the return value semantics

convention of the Bdb class.

- I'm also calling 'get', then 'clear' which does the

work of 'get' twice.  I did this to preserve the return

value conventions of Bdb and make the breakpoint info

available to the UI.  Shouldn't be a performance issue,

right?  ;-)

I believe this could go into 2.3.* and 2.4


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