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Submitted By: Nefarious CodeMonkey, Jr. (nejucomo)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: sys.excepthook shows relevant bindings.

Initial Comment:
The attached module provides a suitable replacement for sys.excepthook to handle uncaught exceptions.

The output is the same, except after each source line shown, a list of relevant bindings is shown.

Here's a quick example from the tail end of a test:

  File "./test-exprann.py", line 16, in f
    assert c == 12
    # With bindings:
    # c = 42

The bindings shown are the intersection of the code object "co_names" and the non-keyword name tokens in the parsed source line.  The goal is to only show bindings relevant to the exception.

I hope the utility of this is self-evident to any programmer.  I tried testing it with crazy expressions containing nonfree bindings (such as lambda's and list comprehensions), so I think it behaves well in most circumstances.

The performance might be bad (it parses each line in the backtrace), but I figure it is worth it for uncaught exceptions.

Let me know if you find this tool useful.



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