[Patches] Arise Sir Pete Shelley!

Anthony vtwxqf at centralcomunicacao.com.br
Thu Feb 8 12:35:34 CET 2007

At 24, I found the pickings were pretty slim; there just aren't that many girls in my age group on these sites.
There's not much to say about Amen really - they were okay, the drummer gave it loads, and they sounded more punky and less thrashy than I expected but in my opinion, they lacked catchy tunes. While it may seem strange for Yahoo! If you want something fancier, then I'd second Brad's recommendation of perlbal. There were four bands on offer for a tenner and it don't get much better than that. Or at least I did and then forgot. Please contact your system administrator to report this fault. I'm envious of the fact that you earned your private in a tailwheel aircraft - the hour and a half or so of Champ and Decathlon time I have was incredibly fun. This is the small downside of building community.
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