[portland] Meeting Reminder: 7pm Tuesday July 10th at CubeSpace

jason kirtland jek at discorporate.us
Mon Jul 9 01:39:05 CEST 2007

Portland Python Users Group
Tuesday, July 10th 7pm

**New Location**: CubeSpace

This month we try out new digs at CubeSpace, located just a few blocks 
away from the Lucky Lab.  The agenda at the moment is:

  - OSCON happenings & festivities
  - A round of lightning talks
  - Retire to the pub for social hour

We need more lightning talks!  They're fun and open to everyone at all 
levels of expertise.  Here's how it works: you stand up and talk about 
something you find interesting for 5 minutes.  It can be code you wrote, 
a module you've found, nifty Python syntax, a project you're working on, 
tools, a demo, anything.  It's very informal and you do NOT need to be 
an expert!  There will (likely) be a projector available for demos.

Here are some topics I personally would like to hear about.  Any takers?

   - "How I Write Python"- bring in your laptop and show how you use
     your editor or IDE
   - PyMOTW, Portland style.  Pick a module from the standard library,
     figure out how to use it, and share with the group
   - Demos of Python-powered projects or works in progress
   - Desktop scripting tricks in OSX, Linux or Windows
   - ipython
   - The debugger
   - Mercurial
   - Embedded Python

The CubeSpace room is quiet and promises to be a very pleasant place to 
speak and hear.  Again, we need more talks- there are only a couple 
lightning talks lined up that I know of, and it would be great to have 
at least 5.

CubeSpace is located at 622 SE Grand Avenue, just north of Morrison. 
CubeSpace occupies the second floor, above US Bank.


There are a few pub options for post-presentation socializing.  The 
Lucky Labrador is a few blocks away at SE Hawthorne and 9th.  Maiden in 
the Mist is just around the corner from CubeSpace.  The Rose and 
Raindrop across the street has closed, sadly.  Suggestions welcome!

Hope to see everyone Tuesday!


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