[portland] Meeting Reminder: 7pm Tuesday July 10th at CubeSpace

Kevin Turner kevin at freegeek.org
Mon Jul 9 02:59:51 CEST 2007

On Sun, 2007-07-08 at 16:39 -0700, jason kirtland wrote:
> Here are some topics I personally would like to hear about.  Any takers?
>    - "How I Write Python"- bring in your laptop and show how you use
>      your editor or IDE

I like that idea.  My laptop isn't actually what I use as my regular
development platform, but I might be able to set it up.

>    - ipython

Hmm.  I do use ipython, but 95% of the reason I do is only that I never
remember the magic you need to do to turn on tab completion in python's
interactive mode.  I think my ipython talk would be limited to "aptitude
install ipython", "ipython", "See?  Pretty colors."  which is pretty
short, even for a lightning talk.  :)

>    - The debugger

That'd be good.  I might be able to do a quick pdb thing.  Also good to
see would be winpdb.

Other things that I might be able to talk about include:

- OpenID for Twisted, a current pet project of mine.

- (or OpenID for anything else, which is my day job.)

- ZenOSS.  I haven't actually touched the Python in that at all, but I
played with the app recently.  Don't think I want to try to get it
running on my laptop though.  :-/

- buildbot, I guess.

If I did a little more research first, I could talk about

- AMP, the Asynchronous Messaging Protocol.
- Foolscap, a sequel to my Perspective Broker presentation four years
- Q2Q / Vertex / Juice.  Honestly, I have no clue, but presenting on it
would force me to figure it out.  ;)

Some other things I'd like to hear about are

- pypy and/or rpython
- testing, especially testing web applications

> There are a few pub options for post-presentation socializing.  The 
> Lucky Labrador is a few blocks away at SE Hawthorne and 9th.  Maiden
> in 
> the Mist is just around the corner from CubeSpace.  The Rose and 
> Raindrop across the street has closed, sadly.  Suggestions welcome!

There's the Acme on 8th.  I guess there's a rumor that it's just changed
hands, but as long as it's still open it's an option.

Other note: It is forecast to be 100 Fahrenheit at 6 PM on Tuesday.  I
may die in the attempt to get from my air-conditioned office to
CubeSpace by 7 pm.

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