[portland] July meeting wrap-up

jason kirtland jek at discorporate.us
Wed Jul 18 02:57:23 CEST 2007

Hi everyone,

The July meeting was great!  It was our first meeting at CubeSpace, 
and I think the space was well-liked by all.  It was also the new 
group's first try at mini-presentations, and we had 4:

  Kevin demoed live code debugging with pdb
  Adam talked about automating everyday web tasks with mechanize
  Ron showed off his micro-controller for robots and its Python
  Jason presented basics of SQLAlchemy

There was also video recording of the presentations, which I 
thought was pretty cool.  A microphone would probably improve the 
quality if we want to try that again in the future.

Any suggestions or requests for the August meeting?  At the meeting 
I heard a couple requests for more introductory topics, and I fully 
support that as well.  Code review sessions were also mentioned. 
There seemed to be general agreement that there should be more 

A section for past events and topics has been added to the wiki and 
you can find slides from the SQLAlchemy talk there.  Please feel 
free to add to that section, even if just linking to the modules or 
tools discussed.


Also on the topic of code reviews and Python advice, this list is 
always open to questions.  And the #pdxpython IRC channel on 
FreeNode is surprisingly active for such a small user group and in 
the summer months to boot.  So, ask away!

Lastly, I'll plug our Meetup site where you can subscribe to 
upcoming events and RSVP, which is very useful for anyone thinking 
of presenting.  The service is paid up for a good stretch, courtesy 
of Brad, so why not use it? :)

Thanks to everyone who came out and also to our presenters!

Looking forward,

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