[portland] [python-advocacy] virtual servers for Python user groups

Brad Allen brad at allendev.com
Tue Jun 5 07:15:05 CEST 2007

At 5:07 PM -0400 5/21/07, David Goodger wrote:
>[Brad Allen]
>>  What do you think of the idea of PSF funding hosted virtual servers
>>  for user groups?
>If well executed, it sounds like a good idea.
>This is what someone needs to do:
>Write up a proposal, with full details:
>* who the server/service is for (both in the abstract and concrete, 
>e.g. names)
>* what it consists of
>* where & how the server/service will be physically hosted
>* how will it be managed
>* who will manage & maintain it (names)
>* what URLs would it use (*.groups.python.org?  groups.python.org/*?  Other?)
>* how much it will cost (initially and as it scales)
>Submit the proposal to the PSF Board of Directors (psf-board at python.org).

Well, I have not submitted a proposal yet, but I will try to put something
together in the near future if no one else has already begun work on this.

However, it would help to have more discussion of the topic, and to
find out if any user groups are really interested in this idea.

It would probably be a good topic to bring up on the new user group organizers
list, but I don't think that list has been formally announced yet and I am not
sure how many people/groups have yet joined. I guess I will ping that list to
see if anyone is there yet...

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