[portland] Last night's meetup and next month

jason kirtland jek at discorporate.us
Fri Jun 15 01:55:19 CEST 2007

Jeff wrote:
> I found out what the issue with CubeSpace is.
> Despite the fact that pdx.rb and the PHP UG both used to meet on
> the 1st Tuesday at FreeGeek, they now are both meeting or
> proposing to meet on the 2nd Tuesday at CubeSpace. So, since
> they're jumping ship off the cream of the crop of Tuesdays, I say
> we pirate it!

Latest update:  Ruby has no plans to change dates from 1st 
Tuesdays, though PHP has made the jump to "our day".  I asked Eva 
to pencil us in for our regular date (July 10th) so that we'd be 
sure to have a venue for the lightning talks.  If we'd like to move 
to a 1st Tuesday schedule we can switch around, though my vote 
would be not to overlap with Ruby.

For those who've been to CubeSpace (perhaps for BarCamp), we'll be 
in Agora, the big common room with the snacks and beverages.

And speaking of penciled in, I've added some events of Pythonic 
interest to the Meetup calendar.  If you have more events, send 'em 
in and I'll put them up.  Conferences, classes, clinics, meetups, 
lectures, presentations, gatherings, whatever!



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