[portland] Ubuntu Live July 22-24

jason kirtland jek at discorporate.us
Thu Jun 28 20:16:27 CEST 2007

Hi all,

The O'Reilly folks have sent us a user group discount for the 
upcoming Ubuntu Live conference- a $100 pass, which looks like a 
really substantial discount.

For those who aren't familiar, Ubuntu is a very user-friendly Linux 
distribution.  Like many Linux distributions, it makes heavy use of 
Python in its toolset and production.  Carl Karsten on 
python-advocacy spotted this bit on the Ubuntu site:

   "Ubuntu prefers the community to contribute work in Python. We
    develop our own tools and scripts in Python and it's much
    easier for us to integrate your work if you use the same

Use code "ubu07fvtw" when you register at:


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