[portland] farewell Portland Pythoneers

kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Sat May 19 01:10:35 CEST 2007

Thanks for galvanizing our sleepy town out of somnambulance Brad.

Dallas is definitely a battery charger in this picture, with you a willing

I'd be happy to receiving kingly meetup powers on Meetup by default,
should no one else wish that mantle, realizing:

(a) the python.org infrastructure is more official, and I'm not the
king of that (Guido is) and

(b) we want a presence in meetup space for gnubies looking for
Python meetups -- a logical place to look, no doubt about it,
and Dallas keeps a profile there as well.

However, I'm not sure how good I'll be in the long run at not
standing up lonely hearts looking for a snake charmer experience
i.e. that lone coder, just breezin' through Portland, lookin' to
hob nob about special name __rib__ syntax over a Hawthorne
Best Bitter, might find me out of town that week or whatever.

But the infrastructure is sufficiently friendly that I think it'll be
more a distributed community function to welcome newcomers,
and/or it'll be up to at least more than just me.

And I won't be control freaky about it.  If someone else would
prefer this crown, I've got lotsa crowns in my closet, wear two or
three a day some days.  I won't miss this Meetup one.

Thanks again Brad!


On 5/17/07, Brad Allen <brad at allendev.com> wrote:
> Hello Portland Pythoneers:
> On Friday I am returning to my home in Dallas after nearly six weeks
> here in Portland; however I will still be available via email or
> chat, and may occasionally show up on the mailing list.
> You can reach me via Jabber using my gmail account: bolderaft
> So, who wants to take the reigns on the Meetup.com site? If I don't
> hear back on this during the next week I will transfer it to Kirby,
> since he managed the old Meetup site.
> P.S. Sorry I didn't get a chance to have a Python meetup this week on
> the logging module, as some of us had discussed; finishing up my work
> here has involved some long hours. Nevertheless, I would encourage
> everyone to take a look at the logging module, built into the
> Standard Library. It is well worth the learning curve and is useful
> on almost every project. It allows you to do away with sprinkling
> your modules with print statements, and then having to clean up
> later. Instead, you can manage which modules are generating debug
> messages, putting one module under a microscope while making the
> others stop chattering. Another great feature: rotating log files.
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