[portland] Meeting next week

Jeff Schwaber freyley at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 22:51:37 CET 2007


Next Tuesday, the 13th, we're getting back together.

The good news: We've got pizza (thank you Kavi and Adam!)

The other news: We're going to be in a bit of a weird space. I think
we're going to take over a row of cubicles and a couple of small
conference rooms in the space known as the Cave of CubeSpace. Our plan
at this point is to have a couple of lightning talks and then break
off into groups talking about the topics that were brought up, so this
should work fine. It's an adventure!

So, who's talking?

This is your chance to tell us about this thing you've wanted to do in
Python. You don't need to be an expert. Find a module or a piece of
your code that does something interesting, show us it and tell us why
you find it fascinating.

See you all soon.


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