[portland] December Social

Jeff Schwaber freyley at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 23:04:00 CET 2007

Hey folks,

Sam Keen, who runs PHP, approached me about joining forces for
December. December's not generally a time of lots of stress, so
instead of having many usergroups, he proposes to have a holiday
social for coders. Specifically we're inviting RP4 (Ruby, Python, PHP,
Perl, Postgresql) to get together and talk and hang out.

This would replace our December meeting but happen at the meeting time
we normally meet.

So, I'm asking for some specific things from you all. They are:

* tell me what we can do to make the December meeting a good one for you
* if you know anybody who can be cajoled into sponsoring either the
Python group or a holiday social for programmers, tell me how I can
help you cajole them.

lastly, I'm thinking about some games we could play to make this party
ridiculous and fun. I'd really appreciate some help with specific
tasks. I'll talk more about this at the meeting, but, lastly:

* tell me if you'd be willing to help out with some setup for the
december party.

Many thanks to you all for all your awesomeness. =)


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