[portland] seeking Unicode case studies

kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 05:33:26 CET 2007

As a function of my hospital work, the focus of
my presentation last meetup, I'm looking for good
examples of web frameworks using Python 3.x's
new Unicode capabilities, in combination with a
well-endowed browser.

Of course a browser needn't look like a browser,
per the XUL model and others -- so picture some
medical device front end with your name spelled
correctly, in its native Cyrillic alphabet.  Maybe
it's Gecko under the hood, we don't need to know.

A prime examples of what I'm looking for would be:
geographic equivalents of my all Latin-1 USA quiz,
a simple demo of LAMP using Python 2.x for CGI
and a MySQL back end.


Imagine something similar all in Chinese, Japanese,
Thai or Urdu (or...), with everything "how to" well

I realize what I'm looking for is still very not prevalent,
because Python 3.0 is still in alpha.  Plus I realize
it's not strictly necessary to be using Python 3.x to
be working in Unicode (wxPython has supported it
for years).  So yeah, somewhat pie in the sky at this

Anyway, please keep me in mind, throw me a
Unicode bone or two if you find one.

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