[portland] A Question of Directories

Jesse Hallett hallettj at gmail.com
Wed Apr 9 00:08:08 CEST 2008

os.system('pdflatex -output-directory reports/ omrPairs.tex')

You can find more information by running the command 'man pdflatex'.


Rich Shepard wrote:
>    I have LaTeX generation embedded in the python functions, and it works
> great. However, when I automate running pdflatex, the output is not in the
> same directory as the .tex file.
>    In the model directory (where the .py files live) is a subdirectory called
> reports/. Python is directed to open, write to, and close files in that
> directory. It does so.
>    But, when I issue the command
> os.system('pdflatex ./reports/omrPairs.tex')
> the resulting .aux, .log, and .pdf files are in the parent directory, not
> the reports/ subdirectory.
>    What syntax will direct pdflatex to put the output in the subdirectory?
> Rich

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