[portland] Iterating Through Tuples In A List

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Fri Feb 15 21:20:36 CET 2008

   I've not yet figured out the code that gives me what I need in this one
method. I'm sure it's simple, but the proper approach eludes me.

   Data start with a list of tuples. I iterate through the list and extract
each tuple using,

for i in range(len(self.appData.tsets)):
       self.row = self.appData.tsets[i]

   For the sake of discussion, each tuple (self.row) contains a component, a
subcomponent, the subcomponent's sequential number, and the total number of
subcomponents in the component. So there are multiple tuples for each

   What I need to do is iterate through components. For each component, I
want to call a plotting routine for the subcomponents, in sequential order,
to the total number of subcomponents. The tuples are in the proper order.

   I've not succeeded in writing the code to do the above. If I print the
components and the total number of subcomponents, for example, I get output
like this:

HabitatComplexity       2
HabitatComplexity       2
SpecialConcern  3
SpecialConcern  3
SpecialConcern  3
Variety         2
Variety         2

If I print the compnent, total of subcomponents, subcomponent sequential
number, and subcomponent curve shape I get output like this:

HabitatComplexity       2       1       Decay S-Curve
HabitatComplexity       2       2       Growth S-Curve
SpecialConcern  3       1       Decay S-Curve
SpecialConcern  3       2       Bell Curve
SpecialConcern  3       3       Growth S-Curve
Variety         2       1       Decay S-Curve
Variety         2       2       Growth S-Curve

   I need to call the plotting library for each component, for the maximum
number of subcomponents, so that all subcomponents are plotted on the same
set of axes. This is what I've not yet figured out how to do.

Suggestions appreciated,


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