[portland] Upcoming Meeting 1/8/2008

Jeff Schwaber freyley at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 01:37:58 CET 2008

Hey folks,

It's 08, and we're meeting on the 8th. Who's got a numerological
challenge for us?

Over the last 6 months various people have talked about things. Have
any of them changed your world?  Did you give SQLAlchemy a whirl
because of what Jason presented? Did you try Django because of Chris?
You may not feel like this warrants a presentation, but I do. I'd like
each one of you who tried out something that was presented on to stand
up for 5 minutes and tell us how it went. Was it great? Did something
seem easy now that you saw it? Was it actually really hard? There's no
better way for us to build on our presentations than to hear how folks
are using the software that we saw.

And, of course, we also need people to talk so we can have a meeting.
Anybody else want to chime in with a talk? What'd you do over the
holidays and how pythonic was it?

See you Tuesday.[1]


[1] at Cubespace, at 7pm.

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