[portland] Using Dictionary to Call Functions

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Tue Jan 15 02:01:05 CET 2008

   I've read in the Python Cookbook and various web sites the information on
using a dictionary as a switch statement would be used in C. But, I've not
seen -- or figured out -- how to call the keys correctly while passing
arguments to the called function. Let me explain.

   The dictionary:

     curvePlot = {
       'Decay S-Curve'     : functions.zCurve(leftEdge, rightEdge),
       'Bell Curve'        : functions.gaussCurve(midpt, width),
       'Growth S-Curve'    : functions.sCurve(leftEdge, rightEdge),
       'Beta'              : functions.betaCurve(center, inflectPt, width),
       'Data'              : functions.dataCurve(ptList),
       'Linear Increasing' : functions.linearIncrCurve(leftEdge, rightEdge),
       'Linear Decreasing' : functions.linearDecrCurve(leftEdge, rightEdge),
       'Left Shoulder'     : functions.leftShoulderCurve(hiRight, loRight),
       'Trapezoid'         : functions.trapezoidCurve(loLeft, hiLeft, hiRight, loRight),
       'Right Shoulder'    : functions.rightShoulderCurve(loLeft, hiLeft, hiRight),
       'Triangle'          : functions.triangleCurve(loLeft, center, loRight),
       'Singleton'         : functions.singletonCurve(center, width),
       'Rectangle'         : functions.rectangleCurve(leftEdge, rightEdge),
       'Outcome'           : functions.outcomeCurve()

   For each tuple in the list (from a database table) there is a value
called 'shape.' This is the dictionary's key. The arguments are also values
in each tuple, and they differ for each function call.

   I want to get the dictionary keys in sequential order (there may be 1 to
7), and call the appropriate function for each one. The functions use
mathplotlib to draw the curves on a common set of axes.

   Suggestions and thoughts welcomed.


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