[portland] Google I/O: Guido talk on Python, Django & App Engine

Adam Lowry adam at therobots.org
Thu Jun 19 22:49:37 CEST 2008

Slides and video:

"Rapid Development with Python, Django, and Google App Engine
Guido van Rossum (Google)

Learn how to create great web applications quickly on Google App Engine using
the Django web framework and the Python language. Google App Engine lets you
host complete, scalable web applications written in Python with minimal fuss.
This tutorial assumes basic familiarity with Python but definitely no advanced
Python knowlege; Django experience is optional. You will learn how to use the
Django web framework with the datastore API provided by Google App Engine, and
how to get the most mileage out of the combination. You will also see how to
use Django best practices like unit testing when developing for Google App


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