[portland] Free Python Magazine subscriptions for user group members

jason kirtland jek at discorporate.us
Tue May 20 18:21:18 CEST 2008

I sent Doug the first batch of folks from Portland.  I'll start a second 
list if anyone else wants in.


jason kirtland wrote:
> This just in!  I'm happy to assemble the list of group members who've 
> signed up- ping me off-list w/ the email you used after you sign up.
>> Python Magazine would like to offer free 3 month PDF subscriptions  
>> for members of Python user groups.  
>> [...]
>> This promotional is open to members of user groups who discuss Python- 
>> related topics.
>> To take advantage of the offer, each member of the group should go to  
>> our web site (http://www.pythonmagazine.com) and set up an account  
>> (that's already free).  When they register, the site will ask them for  
>> an email address to identify the account.  If a single member of the  
>> group sends me a list of all the email addresses used, along with the  
>> name of the user group represented, I'll make sure we enable the  
>> subscriptions.

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