[portland] This weekend: PostgreSQL Conference West 2008

jason kirtland jek at discorporate.us
Sat Oct 11 00:35:53 CEST 2008

Hi folks,

The PostgreSQL Conference West 2008 is now underway right here in 
Portland at PSU.  PostgreSQL is an extremely powerful open source SQL 
database that is very well supported in Python- and Python is supported 
in the database!  This is a wonderful and inexpensive community 
conference that I'd recommend to anyone working with PostgreSQL or 
databases in general.  There are 3 session tracks this year, too!

The conference starts today and runs through Sunday.

I'll be presenting SQLAlchemy on Sunday with Jonathan Ellis; SQLAlchemy 
contributor, organizer of the Utah Python Users Group, and author of 
much fantastic Python software.  Later in the afternoon we'll be joining 
Matt Trout of Perl DBIx::Class fame for a round-table session about ORMs.

If you can't make the conference but would like to socialize with 
databasey Pythonistas, PostgreSQL luminaries and users, the official 
conference attendee party is Saturday evening and the conference folks 
were kind enough to extend an invitation to local Pythonistas for a 
nominal cover charge to help defray the cost of the catering. 
(Community conference, remember!)


Hope to see you there!


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