[portland] Fwd: Open Source Bridge Conference town hall meeting - Thursday, October 30th, 7:30pm, CubeSpace

Igal Koshevoy igal at pragmaticraft.com
Thu Oct 30 04:35:41 CET 2008

kirby urner wrote:
> I'd say "augment OSCON" or "complement OSCON" as I personally don't wish to
> see OSCON replaced or supplanted.
> There's plenty of room in open source consciousness for more than one
> Portland based conference.

I don't represent Bridge, but am merely trying to spread the word.

The "replace OSCON" phrase isn't the official stance. I chose those
words because there won't be an OSCON in Portland next year, and even if
there was, many stopped going to it because it wasn't useful. There's a
strong demand for a NW regional OSS conference whose content better
meets the needs of people working with open source, hence Bridge.

We're lucky to have an active Python users group and I'd like to see
Python well-represented at Bridge.


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