[portland] August meeting video, DjangoCon volunteers?

michelle rowley michelle at pdxpython.org
Fri Aug 21 01:45:58 CEST 2009

Hey Pythoneers!

If you're interested in seeing Adam Lowry's talk from last week's PDX Python
meeting, David from NW Tech Show has put it up on blip.tv at:
http://nwtechshow.blip.tv/. Check it out, it is really sweet!

Also, if anyone is interested in helping David and his crew with the video
for DjangoCon, he has passed on some details. It might be a cool way to get
in to see at least some of the sessions! Here is a snippet from David's

Carl K said:
> > note: "in" is not exactly the same as attending, mainly because you
> > have to pay attention to the recording process, and you can't really
> > switch rooms, and you can't hang out in the hallway when there is
> > recording to be done.  but you do get whatever food is supplied.
> We'll be working in teams of 2+ people per room, and up to a point we
> can scale up the production value with the extra people. Not only will
> they (and friends at home) get to see sessions they might otherwise
> miss, they will make it part of the online world library for
> themselves and others to review when it's needed most.
> We'll be filming Sept 8-10 (Tue/Wed/Thu) in the morning and early
> afternoon. Please write nojunkster at gmail.com (Subject 'DjangoCon
> Video') if interested, or call 541-250-0055 (GoogleVoiceMail), or DM
> @nwtechshow on Twitter.
> Those that haven't had a chance to participate in a video production
> team before usually find the experience more than a little fun on it's
> own.

See you next month!

michelle at pdxpython.org
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