[portland] OT: "DRDB HA Clustering on Commodity HW", PLUG AT, Wed. Dec. 16th

Igal Koshevoy igal at pragmaticraft.com
Mon Dec 14 20:16:46 CET 2009


Dear Portland Ruby Brigade and Portland Pythoneers,

There's an upcoming talk at PLUG AT that I think some of you will be
interested in: "DRDB HA Clustering on Commodity HW". I've been using
DRDB for years on cloud, virtual and physical servers to provide
highly-available data services without the expense, hassle and
single-point-of-failure issues of a hardware SAN. I recommend learning
more about it.


Alan wrote:
> NOTE: The meeting time and location has changed again.
> PLUG Advanced Topics
> December 16th, 2009 
> 7pm - 9pm
> Roots Organic Brewing
> 1520 Southeast 7th Avenue
> Portland, OR 97214-3568
> (503) 235-7668
> Using DRBD to Build High-Availability Clusters on Commodity Hardware
> Charlie Schluting of LINBIT will explain how DRBD works and how people
> currently use it, with enough information to get you started building
> your own clusters.
> DRBD stands for Distributed Replicated Block Device, and as the name
> implies, allows you to replicate block devices over TCP. DRBD is
> extremely flexible due to the fact it is a block device, and as such is
> used in a variety of situations. At the most basic level, you can
> replicate data between two servers to provide synchronously replicated
> storage redundancy for either failover or disaster recovery purposes. In
> active/active mode, you can also run GFS, OCFS2, or other clustered file
> systems.
> Topics that will be covered:
> - How it works, history, and future exciting news regarding mainline
> kernel inclusion
> - How it is used: HA-iSCSI, HA-NFS, Virtualization, Apache, Samba, etc.
> - Cluster Resource Manager options and recommendations, and news about
> the confusing changes in the Linux-HA / Clusterlabs communities.
> And the majority of the time will be spent on:
> - Example cluster configuration: hardware setup, installation and
> configuration, and cluster manager integration.
> Come with questions!
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