[portland] Werkzeug, web, testing, etc. discussion

Adam Lowry adam at therobots.org
Wed Feb 4 19:37:59 CET 2009

This past weekend at NorthwestPythonDay in Seattle there was a lack of  
lightning talks in the morning so I briefly talked about Werkzeug and  
failed miserably to get across why it was so great. Michelle asked me  
to continue it at pdxpython.

One thing I'm always curious about, though, is the suite of tools and  
practices other programmers use to get their daily work done, so I  
thought I'd list out what I'm using now and we can see if there's  
interest in any particular portions.

Web side:
	- Werkzeug for WSGI glue and url routing
	- Jinja2 for templating

	(I'm also using SQLAlchemy and Flatland, but there is a more  
qualified person to talk about these in the group.)

Unit testing (not web specific):
	- nose for test collection, execution, and misc utilities (including  
	- Mox (pymox), Google's mock/stub/expectation library

Functional testing (web specific):
	- nose, again
	- Twill for web functional tests, although I talked about this once a  
while ago

	- Paver for project bootstrapping, library maintenance, and  
miscellaneous scripts for deployment and development
	- Boto for interaction with Amazon Web Services (ec2, s3, and sqs)

Any interest at all? Or are people tired of yet another web talk?


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