[portland] Werkzeug, web, testing, etc. discussion

Brett Carter brett at rdnzl.net
Wed Feb 4 20:46:27 CET 2009

Definitely interested in both Paver and Werkzeug.

Adam Lowry wrote:
> This past weekend at NorthwestPythonDay in Seattle there was a lack of 
> lightning talks in the morning so I briefly talked about Werkzeug and 
> failed miserably to get across why it was so great. Michelle asked me to 
> continue it at pdxpython.
> One thing I'm always curious about, though, is the suite of tools and 
> practices other programmers use to get their daily work done, so I 
> thought I'd list out what I'm using now and we can see if there's 
> interest in any particular portions.
> Web side:
>     - Werkzeug for WSGI glue and url routing
>     - Jinja2 for templating
>     (I'm also using SQLAlchemy and Flatland, but there is a more 
> qualified person to talk about these in the group.)
> Unit testing (not web specific):
>     - nose for test collection, execution, and misc utilities (including 
> plugins)
>     - Mox (pymox), Google's mock/stub/expectation library
> Functional testing (web specific):
>     - nose, again
>     - Twill for web functional tests, although I talked about this once 
> a while ago
> Deployment/building:
>     - Paver for project bootstrapping, library maintenance, and 
> miscellaneous scripts for deployment and development
>     - Boto for interaction with Amazon Web Services (ec2, s3, and sqs)
> Any interest at all? Or are people tired of yet another web talk?
> Adam
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