[portland] automated build notification via lava lamp or cuckoo clock, monkey w/cymbals, etc

Christopher Hiller chiller at decipherinc.com
Wed Feb 11 23:01:54 CET 2009


We have an automated build process and I would like to integrate it with
red/green lava lamps or something of that sort.  I know absolutely nothing
about "home automation" or the hardware necessary to do this sort of thing.
Whatever HW solution we come up with must be USB (no serial port) and work
with Ubuntu.  I've read a bit about people doing this, but it doesn't seem
the hardware is compatible with our config, and most people are using
CruiseControl (we're using buildbot -- http://buildbot.net).  I am not so
concerned with the software side of things as I am sure I can script
something given the proper hardware and drivers.  Has anyone done anything
like this?

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