[portland] to Jason regarding the Apress review group

Anthony Smith gods_bud666 at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 9 06:22:56 CET 2009


Just read the 'press' about finding reviewers for the
Apress books.

What sort of person would fulfill a decent review of
those books listed?  I mean, would I qualify as a 
competant reviewer for one of them, or would I need
a decent knowledge or application of web design?

My competancy ranges from writing and debugging 
programs in BASIC, back in the early 80s.  To
reading about assembly language (for the 6502); learning how elementary ICs work together; then studying 
a whole range of cryptic and sophisticated websites
on the subject of just anything computer-related,

to actually downloading and working with python,
which I would have to be considered a 'newcomer'.

If my input would not be useful to the task,
what would then be a suitable direction to go in?
I have great ability and interest in the subject -
python just seemed to me to be the best place
to start...I suppose C or Javascript or HTML or
Unix or Linux or Qbasic or whatever would be
courses for action.

If all you need is an average person to give input,
count me in. . . 

 . . Any excuse to learn more about computers or the

Will be reading all emails from Portland in future.


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