[portland] to Jason regarding the Apress review group

jason kirtland jek at discorporate.us
Fri Jan 9 22:20:36 CET 2009

Anthony Smith wrote:
> Hey.
> Just read the 'press' about finding reviewers for the
> Apress books.
> What sort of person would fulfill a decent review of
> those books listed?  I mean, would I qualify as a 
> competant reviewer for one of them, or would I need
> a decent knowledge or application of web design?
> My competancy ranges from writing and debugging 
> programs in BASIC, back in the early 80s.  To
> reading about assembly language (for the 6502); learning how elementary ICs work together; then studying 
> a whole range of cryptic and sophisticated websites
> on the subject of just anything computer-related,
> to actually downloading and working with python,
> which I would have to be considered a 'newcomer'.
> If my input would not be useful to the task,
> what would then be a suitable direction to go in?
> I have great ability and interest in the subject -
> python just seemed to me to be the best place
> to start...I suppose C or Javascript or HTML or
> Unix or Linux or Qbasic or whatever would be
> courses for action.
> If all you need is an average person to give input,
> count me in. . . 
>  . . Any excuse to learn more about computers or the
> web.
> Will be reading all emails from Portland in future.

Hi Tony,

I believe Apress is usually on the lookout for reviewers for their new 
titles.  The have some info about what they're looking for at the URL 
below, and possibly more elsewhere on their site:


I've never personally done a review for them so I don't have any first 
hand knowledge of their reviewer criteria.


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