[portland] Recommendation for book to use in classroom?

John Hampton pacopablo at pacopablo.com
Fri Jan 16 19:52:47 CET 2009

kirby urner wrote:
<snip mucho books on Python>

> Also, there's a lot of great stuff on ShowMeDo and/or YouTube and/or a
> number of such video servers, so I at least make sure my students know
> about 'em (this is where they'll find a lot of my own stuff as well).

Along these lines, I think that the best resource is the internet 
itself.  There is a lot of info that can be found simply via google.

I find that the standard Python documentation is invaluable when it 
comes to simply find stuff that the standard library can already do.

Books, such as Dive into Python, are available on the web for free.

IRC, mailing lists, pastebins, etc. are all excellent sources of 
information also.


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