[portland] Fwd: Last Chance to Submit a OSCON Proposal

Jeff Schwaber freyley at gmail.com
Wed Jan 28 02:23:05 CET 2009

Last few days if you want to submit an OSCON proposal. Anybody
planning to talk about stuff in San Jose this year?


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From: "O'Reilly Open Source Convention - OSCON" <elists-conferences at oreilly.com>
Date: Jan 27, 2009 11:31 AM
Subject: Last Chance to Submit a Proposal

O'Reilly Open Source Convention - OSCON
July 20-24, 2009
San Jose McEnery Convention Center
San Jose, CA

There's Still Time To Be Part of the OSCON 2009 Program -- Submit Your
Proposal for Participation by February 3!

Open For Business -- Sustaining, Applying, and Expanding Open Source To
Change the World. That's the ambitious course we've set for O'Reilly's
OSCON 2009, coming to San Jose, California, July 20-24.

As ubiquitous computing, with smart phones at the leading edge, becomes a
reality, open source is driving the innovation engine, looking for
solutions to a range of challenges. Beginning OSCON's second decade, we
will address important questions, like "How can open source -- its tools
and its principles -- contribute to making a difference in the business of
computing? In creating a sustainable lifestyle? In an uncertain economy,
how can open source empower us?

These are just a few of the critical questions we want to tackle at OSCON
2009. So we're asking for your ideas, insight, and input. You have until
midnight PST, February 3 to submit your proposal. For guidelines, go to

How can you participate?
We're seeking proposals for 45-minute sessions, 45-minute panel
discussions, and 3-hour in-depth tutorials. We want to hear about your
winning techniques, favorite life-savers, and the system you've made that
everyone will be using next year. Focus your proposal on hands-on
instruction and real-world examples to provide conference participants
with information they can put to use immediately and ideas that will
inspire their work for months to come.

We're planning 15 tracks for sessions and tutorials on Linux, PHP, Perl,
Python, Ruby, Java, Databases, Desktop Applications, Web Applications,
Mobile, Administration, Security, People, Business, and Emerging Topics.
Some of the topics we want to consider at OSCON 2009 include:
-Doing more with less--finding opportunities in a constrained economy
-Design and usability--tools, techniques, and success stories
-Open source in smart phones and mobile networked devices
-Cloud computing, openness in distributed services
-Parallelization, grid, and multicore technologies
-Open web, open standards, open data
-AI, machine learning, and other ways of making software smarter than the
people using it
-Open source in democracy, politics, government, and education
-Best practices for building a business model around open source
-Virtualization and appliances--their creation and deployment
This is by no means a definitive list of topics. We welcome your ideas,
your stories, your successes (and failures).

Plan now to attend OSCON 2009 in San Jose
Join us at the crossroads of all things open source, in this deeply
technical conference that brings community ideals face-to-face with
business practicality. Be among 3,000 of the best, brightest, and most
interesting people to explore what's new and to help define, maintain, and
extend the identity of what it means to be open source. OSCON is the place
to be inspired and challenged, renew bonds to community, make new
connections, and discover the most relevant projects and products to help
you do your best. Early registration opens in March.

Sign up for the conference newsletter now!
Get advance notification of early registration discounts and stay informed
on the program as it develops by signing up for the conference newsletter
at: http://elists.oreilly.com/

In moving the conference to San Jose, we look forward to engaging in new
activities and to welcoming the participation of new projects and local
open source communities that this new location will bring.

We hope to see you there in July,

The OSCON 2009 Conference Team

P.S. Don't wait! The deadline for submitting your proposal to participate
in OSCON 2009 is midnight PST, February 3! Do it at:

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