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Mon Jun 8 21:43:31 CEST 2009

Yeah, that sums up the problem nicely.

We're in a very interesting spot with Python right now.  It's not difficult
to sell organizations on using Python, but there simply aren't enough
experienced people to cover the amount of work that would create.  This lack
of labor leads many thoughtful companies *not* to choose Python... which
means that there are fewer Python job offerings and a lowered perception
that Python skills are worth developing.  We've been stuck in this cycle for
at least five years now.

IMO, Python needs to develop more *supply* of talent before there's going to
be significantly more demand... but that's a tough sell for the people whose
skills are being developed as potentially excess capacity.

If I'm way off base here and there are a bunch of people here who can't find
jobs, please say something.  I would guess we could get quite a few
opportunities posted here if there is actually talent available.



On Mon, Jun 8, 2009 at 12:20 PM, Patrick Curtain <pcurtain at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi All!
> Just wanted to cast the net again... I'm really surprised at the lack
> of response.
> I got *no* available Python / Django coders in response to two job
> postings and one request here for contract developer help.
> That makes me wonder, is every available python and django coder
> happily coding away already?  Or is our community so small there are
> only a few and they're busy? (Or did I just word it so badly no one
> bothered to answer?)
> I know one small company here in town that gave up on their two year
> zope/plone development effort because after 8 months of trying they
> couldn't find a single coder to hire. Made me sad because i was
> recommending they stay with open source solutions.  Ended up switching
> to an outsourced .NET shop doing C#.  (Whole 'nother story there).
> So, help me out, everyone.  Are there really no available developers?
> The availability of talent for new projects is certainly one criteria
> for any company considering the technology to use for a startup
> project.  I'd like to advocate using Python and Django.
> Blessings!
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