[portland] django coders?

Jeff Rush jeff at taupro.com
Tue Jun 16 05:48:19 CEST 2009

Michael Schurter wrote:
> Speaking of protecting the logo, my wife contacted the PSF a couple
> weeks ago about using the logo on a small run of laptop sleeves she's
> crafting.  Any guesses when she can expect a response and what it will
> be?

She should get a response within a few days and if not, re-ask.  The
committee for approval can be a bit slow.  If (a) she is not altering
the logo and (b) the intent is for the sleeves to let developers be
proud of their use of Python, there won't be any problem.  The PSF has
no problem with for-profit use of the logo as long as it is not used in
a misleading or offensive way.  We -want- to promote the visibility of
Python in innovative, tasteful ways.

If she is altering the logo, which is permitted, it may take a few more
days.  There are people who have tweaked either the Python or PyCon logo
for cultural, geographical or project-specific reasons.

Examples are the cute placement of the Python logo onto an integrated
circuit for the Python-on-a-Chip project:


or the 12 European stars in a ring around the Python snake:


BTW those sleeves sound pretty cool.  Drop me an email when they are

And to others on this list with creative skills, the community is always
looking for neat graphics, logos, slogans, laptop stickers and
promotional flyers showing off Python.  It can even be profitable and
certainly bring you fame if you're good at it.


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