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> I wrote an article in FoxPro Advisor about using Foxpro for polyhedra
> (wasn't saying it couldn't be done, used 4-tuple Chakovian
> coordinates, trademarked as "quadrays" for the purposes of this
> published Ziff-Davis version), but how was I to achieve world
> domination in math classrooms (my old haunt) with something so
> expensive as Microsoft's Visual FoxPro (no IronPython invented yet).
> Education is cut throat.  There's practically no money for teaching
> (part of that "dumbing us down" I was talking about -- WB called it an
> act of war on our people, before going back to casino work **).

Hmmm, maybe I'm bein' sloppy saying Ziff-Davis here, as Advisor Media
is privately owned and a soap box for various California-style
thinkers e.g. here's some cowboy ranting about "Indian casinos":


Yeah, was confusing it with PC Magazine, sorry Ziff-Davis.  FoxPro
Advisor is defunct in any case, while Microsoft decided to stop
touting upgrades post VPF9 (which I own, used for Regional Heart Data
Services in the good old days, before they moved on, other clients).

My article, on using Quadray Coordinates to generate the concentric
hierarchy of polyhedra (verboten knowledge in Lower48 as the inventor
only had 42 honorary degrees, didn't make up for flunking out of
Harvard cuzza that "porn troupe" incident (see Wikipedia)).

More details on my article from ten years ago:


Just wanting to keep the record clear, in case someone's trying to
piece it together someday.


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