[portland] request review of my blog posting about setting up Django on a Vbox guest.

mgross markgross at thegnar.org
Wed Jun 24 05:59:09 CEST 2009

Last Friday I skipped out on the OS bridge un-conference and instead
attempted to bring up a Django apache2, mod-wsgi, postgres virtual
guest server on my home system using VBox.  

In an attempt to not forget all the bits need to bring this all up I
blogged it.

The only problem I have is my setup isn't working for shared django
sites and "reverse" doesn't redirect to the correct URL, it clips off
the prefex.  I would like to have multiple Django progjects served up
from teh one VBox guest.  i.e. and are two separate Django projects.

Anyway as I'm making the mistake of posting these notes I would be
most grateful for any review, commentary and pointers offered.

There where a fair amount of steps to bring things up.



PS, I'm also new to wordpress so the formatting sucks, and the WP
configuration is likely crap too....

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